Daniele Mondello

Italy //



Daniele Mondello is a Sicilian DJ and, as a music producer, one of the better-known representatives of hard style.

In 1995, he finished fourth in the Technics DMC World Mixing Championship, winning the Italian elimination, with a performance using six turntables and three mixing consoles at the same time.

He began his production career in 2001 with the single Kamikaze and released other singles until 2005, including Thunderbolt and Commander. He produced and remixed the first three compilations of the Italian Hardstyle series for Sony Music and released tracks on over 40 compilations. Typical for his live performances are the many, intense scratches.

Mondello has been married to the Italian Djane Express Viviana since 2003 and has been producing hardstyle with her to date. At the beginning of 2011 they founded the record label Hardstyle Creation Recordings together.

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